Riley Graves


We walked from Mompesson’s well to the Riley graves, where Elizabeth Hancock had to bury her children and husband in just 8 days, and had to take the bodies by herself.

We discussed ring o’roses and the meaning of this song and had a little practice, and we also tried how difficult it would have been for Elizabeth to take the bodies to the grave.

It was then a downhill walk to the village for our final activities. We saw the plague cottages and other places of interest.



The day after


The children all managed to get some sleep without any problems. Don’t let these children fool you – they can rise before 7am! After an early start we all had a large breakfast to keep us going – croissants, toast, juice, cereal and cooked breakfast! After that, we all had to tidy up our belongings and strip our beds.

At 10am we set off for another walk. Another walk?! Yes, another! We visited Mompesson’s well and learnt about natural water sources. We then walked to visit the Riley graves…



We arrived back at the hostel at 5pm and went to see our rooms. Bunk beds?! We were really excited about our first night away from home.

After allllllllll that walking that Miss Grant made us do, we were super hungry and thankfully we had plenty of yummy dinner and pudding to eat (which meant more ice cream for some!).

We then had some time to play games and chat and then it was time to get into our pyjamas for supper with our teddies! And then it was lights out at 9pm.

Goodnight everyone! We’re looking forward to more activities tomorrow  (except walking. No more walking please).


Day 1 – so far!

Good afternoon! We have arrived safely in Eyam and have had a busy day so far!

When we arrived, we spent some time in the museum learning more about the plague and its effect on the village, and also we went to the church where we learnt about the hard decisions the villagers had to make. Already, we’ve learnt so much! It’s been a very informative day.

Before we were taken on a walk, we were treated to ice creams or hot chocolate, yum! And then came the walk… Whilst it was interesting seeing the boundary stone,  the walk back to the hostel was a tough one. We are certainly ready for our dinner (and a good sleep too!)

Getting Ready To Go!

The church in the village of Eyam.
The church in the village of Eyam.

We’re all getting ready and are really looking forward to our visit to the historic village of Eyam. We’ll hopefully be posting pictures and regular updates about our activities so please follow us on our journey.